Research refers to a study done in order to find solutions regarding a specific problem (Kennedy-Clark, 2015). The main focus of basic research is advancing scientific knowledge and understanding of a subject whereas applied research is developed to find a specific practical solution to a problem. In the article given, the research approach used is basic because the article seeks to further scientific research on the benefits of quiet time in the intensive care unit on both nurses and patients.

The quantitative research method is used in this research. This is because quantitative research tries to find answers by using numbers and facts which provides a deep insight into the research topic, providing the researcher with a better understanding of the topic (Drovandi & Pettitt, 2013). The experimental design is used in this research. This design is chosen because the results are specific and accurate as a result of a high level of control during the research.

Alternative research design for this topic would be a quasi-experimental design. It resembles experimental research but not true experimental research difference being the assignment of subjects is not random (Mondal & Mondal, 2018). Therefore, an alternative to experimental design would be quasi-experimental design.